Private Dining Room

Our private dining room offers unique experience and allows you to enjoy private evening as per your requirements. You are welcomed with luxurious décor of the room and polished dining table accommodating 10+ guests with large golden chandelier above. The lights of the room are dimmed, creating the cosy and comfortable atmosphere just perfect for candle light dinner. On the right hand side you find a handmade crafted and polished whiskey vault with the selection of whiskies . The view front points directly to the wine cellar, that was created for guests to allow their taste buds to be spoilt. This is available to facilitate privacy on own accord, special arrangement for dignitary guests and foremost for a bilateral meeting, or stand as a VIP room.

The PDR chamber exclusively offers the experience of ordering a bespoke menu of your choice in addition to our regular menu (subject to advance notice). You may enjoy the whisky vault and the wide range of vintage whiskies from all over the world. We are very proud to have Balvenie on board with selection of their whiskies. The PDR gives an access to our wine cellar where you can personally choose from a variety of aged world wines.


54-55 Curzon Street, Mayfair, W1J 8PG

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