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Posted on : 11 May, 2018

Being an Indian at heart, allow me to use the cliché that ‘Bollywood runs in my veins alongside blood’. Like most children of the 80s I grew up in an era where one almost compartmentalizes every episode/ relationship of daily life into relating back to a Bollywood film or characters; like friendship has got to be like that of Jai and Veeru from Sholay and the bad guy had to be Gabbar or Mogambo.


Unlike today, there was no watching films at home back then – every weekend has got to be a cinema weekend (eagerly awaited)!


It is this love for Bollywood that has ever inspired me to introduce this gem to anyone I can in the most fun way possible – what better way than sipping a unique drink and talking/ reading about where its inspiration is
derived from?


The menu varies from the most famous ‘villains’ of Bollywood to the legendary Bollywood families. Where the bazookas (that feature a special gun shot sound) become the villains and the non-alcoholic drinks that keep you sober are the legends of Bollywood :-) and then the specialities of Oscar nominated Bollywood films – each of which have a secret ingredient.


And while you’re at it, check out our latest addition, ‘Cheeni Kum’ – indeed literally, ‘Sugar less’.




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