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At MATSYA, you will revisit timeless dishes with a delicious modern twist. In the world of traditional cooking, dishes have become classics for a good reason because they’re familiar and comforting. Therefore, we present to you Indian cooking but with a fresh approach. Exploring our menu will take you on a culinary journey to understand how we have breathed new life into your traditional favorites. The menu at MATSYA is a palette of traditions and novelties from all over India. With a new vision that dates back centuries, comes Matsya’s story, which derives from Hindu mythology whereby Matsya, the fish, represents the beginning of life and a fresh start.













Delicious Indian Cuisine

Dining with season creativity.

Our Menus

Our menus offer modern dishes, inspired by historic Indian gastronomy. We offer a wide range of set menus including A la Carte. 3 course or 5 course Manali Menus displaying both, choice of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes accompanies by starters and desserts. The exclusive Matsya Seafood Menu offers the best of the seafood dishes cooked in-house. We didn’t forget to include Vegan Menu for vegan lovers. We hope that everyone finds something to enjoy.

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our story

Our Story


The eight elements that define us.

The Experience

A place of enjoyment and relaxation at one of the most enchanting places in the city of London, in the heart of Mayfair. Enjoy modern Indian cuisine at the highest level. The quality lies in the composition of the best products.





The eight elements that define us.

Private events

For special celebrations, meetings and business lunches, weddings and anniversary receptions, birthdays parties, cocktail receptions or any sort of private party, we can provide the perfect setting. We offer outstanding seasonal cooking, excellent service, beautiful party spaces for 10, 20, 30 or more, bar with cocktails and other drinks – indeed, everything you could need for an exceptional event.

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